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With over 3 decades of installing AC and Heating units, B. Carter the founder of Bernie's HVAC has dedicated his life to servicing the surrounding Maryland, Virginia and DC communities. We strive to be better than the year before which includes focusing on strong customer service, cleaning up after ourselves and arriving on time. As we advance into a more technical environment, I would like to believe that we have the services that can help our clients save money while getting all of their needs met.

Enjoy the Comfort You Deserve

Thermostats with visual display have changed the way we heat and cool our homes. One thermostat stands out from the rest and that's NEST. Not only can you set the temperature in the house but so many other things as well.

High Quality Air Conditioning Systems

A HVAC system is your homes life line. It breathes 24/7 and pays attention to the unused spaces in your home

When it comes down making sure our clients have the best HVAC systems working for them we made the decision a long time ago to only install the best brands on the market. This is a mutual benefit for it makes out clients happy and it keeps us from having to return to fix issues that are caused from low-end components.

Cool solutions

for house & office

Routine maintenance will keep your system running efficiently and will save you money on the long run.

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Projects Coming Soon